Store Departments

Customer Service

Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service employees are always available to help answer any questions you may have or assist with special orders. See the service desk at the front of the store for help with a wide variety of services including Fishing/Hunting Licenses, Stamps and Postal Services.

Also, for your convenience, an ATM is located at the front of the store.

For any of these services, call (435) 644-5029 or visit Glazier's Family Market during store hours.

Our Customer Service Desk is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It is closed Sundays.

Produce Department

Here you will find the freshest fruits and vegetables available. Our fussy produce manager is your best friend. He makes sure that only the best is found in his department. He sees to it that nothing is put out for you that he would not take home to his family.

Need help? We will be right there for you. You can always trust Glazier's for knowledgeable, quick service.

Fresh Meat

Whether it is packaged meats or tender cuts, you will always find the freshest meats at Glazier's. Meats don't need a lot of chemicals to be tender if good quality meat is selected to begin with and is cut properly.

Our on-staff experienced butcher can custom cut steak, roasts, or whatever you desire. Do you want thick juicy steaks for that barbecue? Do you want your ham slices extra thin? Just tell our butcher; he will prepare it just the way you want it.


Are you like the rest of us? We work hard for hours trying our best to create a special meal. But, the result is that everything either burns or just does not taste right. We are out of time and only left with a messy-smelly house.

Let the professionals at Glazier's have the work and mess. Take home a delicious professionally prepared meal from our deli that all can enjoy. Then, when the family and guests rave about how delicious it is, go ahead and take the credit.


There is nothing like the smell and taste of fresh baked goods. Whatever delicious pastry you desire you will surely find in our bakery. If not, just ask. Our bakers are true artists. They will create that special item you have in mind for that special event you have planned.

But don't wait for a special event! You will enjoy fresh baked goods every day from Glazier's Market.

Frozen Food & Dairy

We pride ourselves in having the freshest milk, eggs and other dairy products in the area. We also have the best selection of name brand items.

Check-out our Food Club brand products. Read the label and compare with other brands. You will find Food Club products have high quality ingredients with fewer additives. This means healthier and natural tasting foods.

Best of all, Glazier's is easy on the pocket book.


Enjoy our fast, friendly checkout. We always remain technologically current with computerized registers and scanning equipment for total accuracy. You will find our personnel to be well trained, very helpful, and especially courteous.

If you would like, we will help you to your car with your groceries.

Thank you for shopping at Glazier's!